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About the Developer:

Marcus Satellite is an animation, music, and mobile application veteran.  His original app "SmackTalk!" started the entire genre of talkback entertainment apps, inspiring imitators to create apps such as Talking Tom Cat, Talking Carl, etc.

A long-time lover of caricatures, political humor, and comics strips such as Doonesbury and Bloom County inspired Marcus to create ObamaTalk!

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ObamaTalk! is only On Android Market!

ObamaTalk! is on Android Market!

From the creator of the original talkback app SmackTalk! comes ObamaTalk!

ObamaTalk! repeats everything you say.  What will you make him say?

President Obama can repeat what you say in a Deep Voice, or a High Voice.

Record over the 5 Triggers.  Tap on them to play them back.  Make him say something awesome!

ObamaTalk! ScreenShot 1 ObamaTalk! ScreenShot 2
Warning!  Warning!
What You Are About To Hear
Might Make Your Brain Explode:

Obama Repeats Everything That
Rush Limbaugh Says!

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