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What's New in SmackTalk! 1.4 For iPhone/iPad:

1.4 is a MAJOR update.  There are many new features in this release, most of which were added based on your feedback:

    * Your favorite lovable characters have been animated in amazing HD, taking advantage of the iPad's large screen, and the iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod Touch's Retina Displays.  Your characters are so detailed and appealing that they feel alive!

    * If your device is video enabled you can render your trigger recordings as super-high quality videos and share them with your friends on Facebook, YouTube, or by email.

    * You can customize which features you want available.  Got young kids?  Turn on "Kid Mode" to turn off the advanced features.

    * Do you have a 2nd or 3rd generation iPod Touch?  Now you can route the audio to the external speakers no matter which type of external microphone you have.

    * You now have to hold a trigger down longer to start recording.  This will help prevent inadvertently recording over a trigger.

    * Did you record over the bundled triggers?  No problem--now you can reset them!

    * No more "pinching" to change the Pitch and Speed.  Now you use sliders!  And of course you can change the pitch and speed of your characters in real time as they talkback to you.

    * Do you like your guinea pig to always have a freaky voice?  Now you can choose "Sticky Pitch & Speed" to keep your characters' voice settings.

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