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Reviews from the US App Store:

ROFL!!! - ★★★★★
by Dragons Rule! - Version 1.3.1 - 09 October 2010
'Nuff said. LOL, I recorded a whole song and played it back all high-pitched! 

Hilarious - ★★★★★
by Samanyi - Version 1.3.1 - 06 October 2010
And entertaining! I feel like a child all over again!

The Original and still The Best...but ditch the other animals - ★★★★
by robfuzz - Version 1.3.1 - 11 September 2010
This hamster has been the source of more laughter and smiles than anything in recent memory. It's like a snowball effect. You laugh, it laughs, you laugh at it laughing, the point where you're crying. The dog and kitten here are not as funny. This should just be about the hamster. The legendary hamster. The bird and Tomcat and even Carl are not fit to kiss the claws of this rodent, imo.

Hilarious - ★★★★
by LJurow - Version 1.3.1 - 08 September 2010
My 3 year-old finds this app hilarious. He says "Make it talk like a girl", and then "Make it talk like a daddy". Yes, there are several things that could make this app even better - more motion, more animals, more graphics, different voices - get rid of the pinch and expand - just do on screen sliders. But I've gotten way more than 99 cents worth of laughs out of this!

Love it!!! - ★★★★★
by Abbyzzzz:) - Version 1.3.1 - 07 September 2010
It's so adorible and u never stop laughing !! It makes u laugh then u here urself laugh and u laugh even more!!

Ms. - ★★★★★
by j@3 - Version 1.3.1 - 04 September 2010
OMGoodness!!!!!! This is toooooo funny! My kids and I were in stitches we were laughing so hard! Talk about entertainment!

Great App! - ★★★★★
by Colton 88 - Version 1.3.1 - 27 August 2010
My 21 month old boy can't put it down. He just loves it!

so funny - ★★★★★
by warriormuzik - Version 1.3.1 - 26 August 2010
if u put it up to music it sings it back rlly high its so funny. I p**s off my mom so much with it its so much fun. Great to use in class to if ur teachers bein annoying.

Worth the buck! - ★★★★★
by OBGYNdoc - Version 1.3.1 - 11 August 2010
Originally bought this for my young kids (who love it), but quickly found this one is a winner with everybody.

Wonderful App!! Hilarious! - ★★★★★
by lquisp - Version 1.3.1 - 03 August 2010
I played this with my 2 year old granddaughters and we had a blast... but not just the kids, the adults were busting out too! The babies loved changing the animals and they really loved hearing their own words back. They also got a kick out of hearing their bedtime story read to them via SmackTalk! This is a TERRIFIC app!!! So glad I got it LOL

guineapig - ★★★★
by johnmichael91 - Version 1.3.1 - 02 August 2010
hilarious! alot of fun

Hilarious!!!!! - ★★★★★
by aida545 - Version 1.3.1 - 29 July 2010
This app is worth the dollar!! This app is soo funny!! And a great way to make others around you laugh!!! You will not regret it!!

Awesome - ★★★★★
by 20 yrs old girl - Version 1.3.1 - 27 July 2010
My mom and I love it on my iPad. Thank you tune store.

Loving it.... Loving it - ★★★★★
by LuaKate - Version 1.3.1 - 23 July 2010
This app is so funny, just when I think it might get old, I start laughing at it more. The only thing I would add is the ability to send little ecards to other people with the app

Awesome - ★★★★★
by clmd21 - Version 1.3.1 - 22 July 2010
Great app!! Lots of laughs!!

Fun - ★★★★★
by Han - Version 1.3.1 - 14 July 2010
Amazing there is nothing to say about this app

My favorite app! - ★★★★★
by moomen - Version 1.3.1 - 11 July 2010
My kids were arguing/ fighting in the car and Smacktalk was on and was mimicking everything! We were dying laughing in no time! This was one of the 1st apps I got when I got my iPhone. I'm just waiting for more animals!!!

Smacktalk! Review - ★★★★
by Missouriiceman17 - Version 1.3.1 - 10 July 2010
Best app ever!!! worth every penny.

Smack Talk is the best - ★★
by Deegeezee - Version 1.3.1 - 29 June 2010
I LOVE this app & so does everyone I've shown it to. The best .99 I've ever spent!!! Get it and prepare to LYAO!

Lots of laughs - ★★★★★
by suev73 - Version 1.3.1 - 22 June 2010
At first I was disappointed with this ap -until some teens I was chaperoning found it on my phone and loved using it. It's a GREAT diversion for young children.

funny - ★★★★
by Steakman1971 - Version 1.3.1 - 14 June 2010
This has amused my kids for hours. I'll admit - it's amused me for a while as well.

Awsome - ★★★★★
by Iwan Zen - Version 1.3.1 - 11 May 2010
Need this for my iPad! Please........

Too Funny! - ★★★★★
by - Version 1.3.1 - 06 May 2010
I love this app! If you need a good laugh - spend the .99!

Awesome and fun app. - ★★★★★
by MicrosGirl - Version 1.3.1 - 03 May 2010
My kids love this app. You don't have to have the headphones plugged in to hear it either. I think it would be cool if more animals were added though. Definitely worth the .99!!

Hilarious and beautiful - ★★★★★
by Erik van der Neut - Version 1.3.1 - 26 April 2010
This little app is just brilliant. It's a total hit with my 4 and 3 olds! They keep cracking up at how their voices are imitated, the effect of which is emphasized by the ultra cute, high quality animal images that animate with the sound. That little puppy dog is their favorite. Thanks for putting this app together! :-)

The BEST 99 cent app - ★★★★★
by Aviduser9723 - Version 1.3.1 - 25 April 2010
This is the funniest app ever. I used anytime the mood calls for cheering up n it works all the time. Try it on ur love, kids or next time u order at a restaurant. Genius app.

Omg too funny!!! - ★★★★★
by Ethrzpirit - Version 1.3.1 - 23 April 2010
The best 99 cents I have spent on an app! Make SURE you empty your bladder before opening!!!

Amazing - ★★★★★
by iPhone3GsMan - Version 1.3.1 - 20 April 2010
This app is amazing, made me, my uncle and his girlfriend laugh non stop for 30 minutes

iPad - ★★★★★
by ebern007 - Version 1.3.1 - 13 April 2010
Please create this so it looks nice on iPad! :)

Hilarious - esp for the kids! - ★★★★★
by ThreeRingCircus - Version 1.3.1 - 07 April 2010
If u have young kids, then u must have this app! They find it absolutely hilarious and never seem to get bored with it. Standing in the lines at Legoland today would have been much worse if they didn't have this to keep them laughing! Worth every penny!

Very Funny App!! - ★★★★★
by Joe311 - Version 1.3.1 - 02 April 2010
Worth every penny!! I usually don't write reviews but this App is awesome. I laughed so hard till I cried!!

This is the best paid app - ★★★★★
by Sone one - Version 1.3.1 - 02 April 2010
This is the best app you can buy worth about $5

The funniest $.99 app you'll buy! - ★★★★★
by Nolechic11 - Version 1.3.1 - 24 March 2010
Soooo hilarious! I don't buy apps too often but this one's worth it! Hilarious! No just for kids. I wish there was a little more control over the start and stop of recording, and i wish they would add a PARROT (for obvious reasons). My favorite is the hampster and spotted dog. I wish the chiuawa would have a Spanish accent!

Funny! - ★★★★★
by Gust18 - Version 1.3.1 - 22 March 2010
This app is awesome and funny! I could use it for hours!!!

<3333 - ★★★★★
by Liz  - Version 1.3.1 - 12 March 2010
I loveeee this app! It's great! Once it starts you can't stop laughing! I Totally recommend it :)

AWESOME! - ★★★★★
by Jenniferlien - Version 1.3.1 - 03 March 2010
I don't need a helium balloon anymore to sound ridiculous. Get this app if you enjoy annoying people with squeaky voices and raucous laughter.

Wow nice one - ★★★★★
by Pinkprincessss - Version 1.3.1 - 01 March 2010
This is the coolest app igot

My 3 year old LOVES this! - ★★★★★
by Jill.G. - Version 1.3.1 - 16 February 2010
This is entertaining to adults, but mostly to my 3 year old. She asks to talk to "that little dog" all the time and it keeps her entertained and us laughing for a long time. Well worth the $.99 to buy it!! I've recommended it to all my friends!

Great Mood Changer! - ★★★★★
by Linbin - Version 1.3.1 - 11 February 2010
When you're having a tough day all you need is 'Smacktalk' This is without doubt the best mood changer, I love it. Thank you.

Don't wait a minute to upload this - ★★★★★
by DirkInBoston - Version 1.3.1 - 11 February 2010
This is worth every penny. Used in a group it can entertain and keep u laughing for a long time. Thank u guys

it sings to the jonas brothers - ★★★★★
by iloveguineapigs100 - Version 1.3.1 - 09 February 2010
it sings to the jonas brothers. i put it in my idog and it sing it it is so cute i love it

Love it! - ★★★★★
by jane325 - Version 1.3.1 - 09 February 2010
I love to record ' do your homework ' And play it to the kids

I love this app!!! - ★★★★
by OrcaDream - Version 1.3.1 - 07 February 2010
The guinea pig is adorable and hilarious! There are just grownups in my household, but we've had a blast playing with the guinea pig... He can whistle, burp, repeat whatever you say... It's a great laugh!!

Giggle - ★★★★
by ArsePickle - Version 1.3.1 - 07 February 2010
fun for a bit

I love it wow - ★★★★★
by Carosis - Version 1.3.1 - 06 February 2010
This app is so hilarious 100% 

New to Smack Talk - ★★★★
by Rebeccatx - Version 1.3.1 - 06 February 2010
Us adults can't get enough of this .. too funny..

smack talk - ★★★★★
by nan4now - Version 1.3.1 - 06 February 2010 should have seen the 3 Grandmas talking to the guinea pigs!

We laughed until we cried !!! - ★★★★★
by Rock1210 - Version 1.3.1 - 02 February 2010
The laugh was worth the $1 :)

Super fun - ★★★★
by apple2300 - Version 1.3.1 - 01 February 2010
I love this app! It's a lot of fun for you and some friends. However, it does need an update because it can be really slow, or won't catch what you say at times. But other than that it's 0.99 cents so get it! Fun for all guaranteed!

Good App! - ★★★★
by Plain-O Gurl 1974 - Version 1.3.1 - 27 January 2010
This app is very cute! I really love it!

Wanna laugh? No I mean REALLY laugh? - ★★★★★
by Whatzerbutt - Version 1.3.1 - 21 January 2010
I haven't had one of those "laugh till your sides hurt" type laughs in a long time, then I stumbled upon this!! Best $.99 I ever spent!!

I love this - ★★★★
by A Walrusaurus - Version 1.3.1 - 20 January 2010
This thing never got old with the hamster, but now it's sure to last with the new update, which includes three new animals. I particularly like the new dog, but the others are great as well. Great update and highly recommended.

Get Ready To Laugh... - ★★★★★
by E-Fighter - Version 1.3.1 - 17 January 2010
This is a great time waste app. I have a 3 year old and he always is asking me to play "The Talking Game". he just loves to hear himself through the voices of the other animals. Bottom Line: The app works as advertised.

Great App but needs Microphone for Ipod Touch - ★★★★
by Stones_mom - Version 1.3.1 - 10 January 2010
My kids love this app but it won't work on the iPod Touch without a microphone, something I wasn't aware of. Great for iPhone though!

Hilarious!!!! - ★★★★★
by bluemountaindew - Version 1.3.1 - 10 January 2010
Me and my family was cracking up the whole time everytime we said somthing it repeated it and it wouldn't stop it was crazy! Best app ever!

Kids love it - ★★★★★
by brandondig - Version 1.3.1 - 08 January 2010

Love love love!!!!!! - ★★★★★
by Inycampbell - Version 1.3.1 - 05 January 2010
Enough said I'm in love wit this app!!!!

Loads of fun!!!! - ★★★★★
by Livanoff - Version 1.3.1 - 05 January 2010
I love it, my kids love it. We had to take a 5 hour car ride and this kept my kids busy and happy! If your on the fence, don't hesitate!

This app is soooo much fun!! - ★★★★★
by Jcb954 - Version 1.3.1 - 05 January 2010
Its funny how such a simple app can be so much fun. I think I need to find friends cuz I spend way too much time on this thing making it say crazy stuff! haha

Great - ★★★★★
by Nick Cassell - Version 1.3.1 - 04 January 2010
It's a wonderful $.99 app. A warning for ALL iPod Touch users. This will not work with a standalone microphone. You MUST buy a pair of headphones WITH the mic built in. Read the main page for more information. And SanDiegoHipHopHead, they did warn you.

Adorable! - ★★★★★
by Kellusmella - Version 1.3.1 - 03 January 2010
Most entertaining app I own!!!

So cute! - ★★★★★
by Paramore1Flyleaf - Version 1.3.1 - 02 January 2010
I laughed my head off at how funny and cute this is! 

So much fun for .99 - ★★★★★
by sniperX007 - Version 1.3.1 - 01 January 2010
I can't even tell you how much fun this brings to you and your family. I just popped this out over Christmas and the kids took it over for at least an hour.

Best 99 cents I - ★★★★★
by idle time - Version 1.3.1 - 31 December 2009
Downloaded this App just out of curiosity and found it to be the best 99 cents I've spent on an App. When I first bought it, I spent several minutes just laughing as I talked and it talked back in it's high pitched voice. Also popular among coworkers who are always asking where my guinea pig is. After a while the built in sounds get overwritten, but is easily repaired by deleting and reloading the program. Other animals are cute too. Makes for a cheep laugh if you're in the mood. Of course it doesn't do anything else but for the price that was enough.

Too cute - ★★★★★
by thtgirl - Version 1.3.1 - 30 December 2009
This app is so cute! My 4 year old twins think it's hysterical!and they love the animals!

From Storey - ★★★★★
by ssherouse - Version 1.3.1 - 30 December 2009
This has GOT to be the funniest application EVER!!! PLEASE buy this app. You will laugh all night.

Freakin awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - ★★★★★
by Jjooee 127 - Version 1.3.1 - 30 December 2009
This has to b one of the most hilarious apps I've ever downloaded fun to play with it's so worth a buck it would b cool if there were a few more animals I Like the horse idea someone else had but even the way it is it's great  i give it 10 stars

So funny - ★★★★★
by Peacecorout - Version 1.3.1 - 28 December 2009
This app is so funny I want to p in my pants I think this is the best app ever!!!!!!

Smack talk! - ★★★★★
by Penguins,pens,pencils - Version 1.3.1 - 25 December 2009
This is the coolest app ever! You will b sure 2 love it!

The real fun begins after the first laugh! - ★★★★★
by linerate - Version 1.3.1 - 22 December 2009
Make sure someone is holding it when they first use it. Big difference when they can't get away from having it laugh when they laugh, then they laugh at that always louder and it laughs back at them and; well, you get the idea!

Especially great for kids - ★★★★★
by OrangeCrush1 - Version 1.3.1 - 19 December 2009
I lent my iphone to my friend and her little kid spent 1/2 an hour laughing with this app.

Awesome for farts! - ★
by RAILhead - Version 1.3.1 - 18 December 2009
This is a great little app, and it excels at making farts even funnier than they are in the wild!

Most original, FUN app yet - ★★★★★
by Mandi•in•Dallas - Version 1.3.1 - 18 December 2009
Ed 12.18.09: My daughter & her friends ask "to talk to my buddy hamster". I should stipulate that this is our 4 yr old's favorite whereas I've used it once ir twice (to show her). Simply fun & entertaining--love it!

Smack Talk - ★
by lilcman717 - Version 1.3.1 - 13 December 2009
This makes me laugh till my stomach hurts! It is especially fun when when my teenage son starts ranting and raving about something and we have the guinea pig on repeating everything he says - we laugh more -the guinea pig laughs - eventually he has to laugh, no matter how hard he tries not to. It is so much fun!!

Hilarious - ★★★★★
by THE JRD - Version 1.3.1 - 12 December 2009
Seriously.... BUY IT

cool - ★★★★
by s@iler18 - Version 1.3.1 - 12 December 2009
it is a fun toy, i like to sing songs into it. i have an itouch so at first it didnt work but if u hav the mic headphones that come with the ifone it works

LOVE IT - ★★★★
by alltheothernicknamesaretaken - Version 1.3.1 - 12 December 2009
I and my 4-year old daughter just LOVE "Hammy". Can't get enough. We even do it to eachother with our voices now without the app. Great silly fun. But new voices are indeed not very new...

Best app ever!! - ★★★★★
by Axel923 - Version 1.3.1 - 10 December 2009
I laugh so hard every time I play with this. Best 99 cents I ever spent.

A must for kids! - ★★★★★
by Rusty1927 - Version 1.3.1 - 10 December 2009
My twins (5) and older son (8) can laugh at this for hours. I have to fight my daughter (kidding) to get my iPhone back from her! It's a VERY cute app and makes the whole family laugh! Love it!!

I  it  - ★★★★★
by paqrat4 - Version 1.3.1 - 08 December 2009
This is one of my favorite apps on my phone ... If your having a bad day this app will make you laugh and forget bout your troubles

Kept my kids laughing for hours - ★★★★★
by Moxie11234 - Version 1.3.1 - 08 December 2009
They love it

Read the instructions people! - ★★★★★
by HossDaBoss - Version 1.3.1 - 05 December 2009
It's really funny how people are so quick to give a great app a bad review because they don't bother to read the instructiions or know how to work it! To change the pitch and speed you "pinch" the screen. And the reason the buttons 3-5 don't work is probably because you hit the button and didn't record anything! This app is hillarious. Case closed!

Dumb - ★
by Getzi08 - Version 1.3.1 - 05 December 2009
Just dumb no point a hamster that says what u say . How fun... Go ahead not my prob if u love wasting ur hard earned $

Mr. - ★★★★★
by AresDragon - Version 1.3.1 - 03 December 2009
Love this one.I buy iPhone because of this cute app

Awesome - ★★★★★
by Mazdaddy2000 - Version 1.3.1 - 26 November 2009
This app has me cracking up at work

Great app - ★★★★★
by Michellecheri - Version 1.3.1 - 18 November 2009
Entertaining and funny, kept me entertained and kids cant get enough. Youu can save recordings with buttons 1-5 just hold them down till u hear a beep.

Best app ever - ★★★★★
by herseyfam - Version 1.3.1 - 14 November 2009

Amazing! - ★★★★★
by dudsweb - Version 1.3.1 - 13 November 2009
Very, very, very nice app!

So COOL - ★★★★★
by C00l app - Version 1.3.1 - 12 November 2009
I love smack talk!! . It's so coolio ppls!!

My cousins love this - ★★★★★
by Anitha's iPhone - Version 1.3.1 - 07 November 2009
It's amazing how long a group of little kids is entertained by this. The programable buttons are a great new feature.

In LA - ★★★★★
by Blicit - Version 1.3.1 - 01 November 2009
I have a headache from laughing so hard, can now only use in small doses. Great job!

Pretty cute... - ★★★★
by BrianSeltzer - Version 1.3.1 - 31 October 2009
Neat app but I don't like the automatic recording feature whenever you make a sound. It records over previous recordings, which mildly annoying. Fix that, add more characters and more ways to change voice and it will be amazing!

Say what?!? - ★★★★
by GBraddock81 - Version 1.3.1 - 31 October 2009
I have not stopped laughing since my friend showed this to me yesterday. I had to buy it!! Which says alot because I am not into buying apps, even when they are .99. Awesome!!!

WorthThe$ - ★★★★★
by TeacherMomLT - Version 1.3.1 - 31 October 2009
Get in touch with your childish sense of humor! Hilarious!

Adorable - ★★★★★
by Trollunder - Version 1.3.1 - 23 October 2009
My five year old is having a blast with this and my face hurts from laughing!

Way to Funny! - ★★★★
by Mzcuteness - Version 1.3.1 - 18 October 2009
App is totally worth 99 cents! No IF'S, ANDS, or BUTS about it! Had myself and my co-workers laughing for quite sometime =)

Still laughing!!!! - ★★★★★
by Family:) - Version 1.3.1 - 17 October 2009
Lol I luvvv this app! My sis bought it for me and we sat there recording and laughing! Lol great job!

The best app ever - ★★★★★
by Kiler90 - Version 1.3.1 - 16 October 2009
I had my friend over 1 nite and we laughed forever! Hours of fun.

Best app ever! - ★★★★★
by Mollie123456789 - Version 1.3.1 - 16 October 2009
I love this app! Make more like it!

Great Fun - ★★★★★
by Empochado - Version 1.3.1 - 15 October 2009
Love this app... We're still laughing!

Smack Talk - ★★★★★
by jal001 - Version 1.3.1 - 12 October 2009
My three granddaughters, age 8, 7, & 5 loved this app! They played with it and laughed together most of the time during the 2 hour drive back to their home. A great way to entertain them.

Awesome!!! - ★★★★
by Catzruludnt - Version 1.3.1 - 12 October 2009
This is so funny!!!

Hilarious ! - ★★★
by starneyblone - Version 1.3.1 - 09 October 2009
This is a great app but I wish that more characters would be added. Even more fun when you alter the pitch of your own voice.

Awesome - ★★★★★
by appleberry1029 - Version 1.3.1 - 08 October 2009
Great app but needs more animals :)

Hysterical! - ★★★★★
by podsc - Version 1.3.1 - 06 October 2009
Very funny and makes everyone laugh! So what's $. 99 for a good laugh these days? Add more animals and more voices!

So funny - ★★★★
by spa83 - Version 1.3.1 - 04 October 2009
Kept my three yr old god daughter entertained for an hour while the grown ups enjoyed dinner!!! Would like to see more animals and maybe allow us to make our own animals???

Awesome awesome awesome - ★★★★★
by Ling07 - Version 1.3.1 - 04 October 2009
I absolutely love this app, so..... Funny. Everybody enjoys it!!!!!!

LoVe It - ★★★★★
by Totally Rad - Version 1.3.1 - 03 October 2009
Crazy hilarious!!!! I effin love it!!!

by Marmus86 - Version 1.3.1 - 03 October 2009
This app has never failed to make someone laugh whenever I've opened it. I even pulled it out during a meeting once, and everyone (including my boss) was laughing so hard, they had trouble breathing. Funniest app ever! Love it!

Fantastic App!! - ★★★★★
by NBinMPLS - Version 1.3.1 - 29 September 2009
By far the most fun app we've downloaded. I literally sat in my car giggling and that was before I even shared it with my twin six year olds. We had a ball. I hope more animals are to come...can you imagine a turtle?! loved it - ★★★★★
by MattinAZ - Version 1.3.1 - 27 September 2009
Great app!!

Funny - ★★★★
by Malibu Andy - Version 1.3.1 - 23 September 2009
This app is a little silly but so so funny!!! 

I'm still giggling... - ★★★★★
by cjromb - Version 1.3.1 - 21 September 2009
...even though I should be too old to think this is funny. You can't just can't help but giggle. And the more you play around with it, the more silly it gets. Way worth the 99 cents.

Nothing - ★★★★★
by Creedj6 - Version 1.3.1 - 21 September 2009
This is awesome. I can't put it down. Just wish I could record and e-mail

Hillllaaaarrrrious! - ★★★★
by Stunneddisbelief - Version 1.3.1 - 18 September 2009
Treat yourself...

Good stuff - ★★★★★
by Akeel24 - Version 1.3.1 - 18 September 2009
My 2 yr old loves this app. She thinks it's the funniest thing ever. It was really funny to watch her reaction every time.

Cuetest app ever - ★★★★★
by Wilsonr - Version 1.3.1 - 13 September 2009
They,re the cutest little things but the get pretty funny after a while caudtion of wetting your pants

Great - ★★★★★
by Gypsyguy360 - Version 1.3.1 - 12 September 2009
I think this by far the cutest app on the app store.

Distractions come about Rarely! - ★★★★★
by Mind Doggler - Version 1.3.1 - 12 September 2009
For those of yall who use your iPhone to distract your kids just to fit in a moment to digest your food, consider this application a sure bet that you'd be able to finish your meal without needing to wonder what the kids are doing. Problem is, it can turn into a noisy face-off!

Sooooo fun - ★★★★★
by Bioh4z4rd_Do11 - Version 1.3.1 - 11 September 2009
My daugther loves this! Me too it's funny. We always have fun.

Fun - ★★★★
by DIY?19 - Version 1.3.1 - 10 September 2009
I've enjoyed this app alot, girls at bars love it!

Addicted2Apps - ★★★★★
by MacArtistMel - Version 1.3.1 - 08 September 2009
This is great!! Every person I show this too laughs. Every person I show this to with an iPhone - buys the app. Its especially funny when your |-| ! G |-|

Best App Ever - ★★★★★
by Jrane - Version 1.3.1 - 06 September 2009
I programed curse words into it. Every time my friends and I start drinking this app gets pulled out and passed around the room. I would buy this app over any other app I have.

Fun - ★★★★★
by Nogard2010 - Version 1.3.1 - 05 September 2009
It is really funny at first. I get entertainment still showing it to new people who have not seen it yet. Worth the $0.99.

My son loves this thing - ★★★★
by airtightwillie - Version 1.3.1 - 05 September 2009
If it keeps my two year old occupied in the car it has to be worth four stars! Can't see it being very entertaining for adults long term though. Can get annoying.

Awesome! - ★★★★★
by sinfulta - Version 1.3.1 - 26 August 2009
Worth every penny. It's gave me an my friends hours of fun. We can't stop laughing with the funny voices. Who knew something so simple could be so fun.

Funny - ★★★★★
by ~-Allie-~ - Version 1.3.1 - 24 August 2009
I love it i hav the ipod touch (and microphone thingy) it works perfectly my bro and i were talking through it and loling its really cute and i definatly recommand this to every1

Love it !!!!!! - ★★★★★
by yesnia - Version 1.3.1 - 21 August 2009
This app is so funny. It's worth it.

OMG - ★★★★★
by Cata*99 - Version 1.3.1 - 21 August 2009
Freaking Culio!!!!!!!!!!! It's probaley worth more than 5 stars!!!!! I'd buy it for the better! 

 - ★★★★★
by Ms_Nicoleee - Version 1.3.1 - 20 August 2009
This app is great!!  I am having way too much fun with this app!!  the dog is so cute!!!

FUNNY! - ★★★★★
by Nummys - Version 1.3.1 - 20 August 2009
This app makes me and my 2 1/2 yr old crack up laughing. He is in looooooooove with this app. At first it was cute. I had something to give him to make him stop crying or get out of my hair for a minute, but now, I can't enjoy my phone! Every time he sees me messing with my phone he throws a fit to play with "dog!" This app has 5 different animals to mock you and you can change their voices from high pitched to low. Its pretty cool. You don't have to hold down a button for it to record which is cool.

Awesome App - ★★★★★
by BullittRay - Version 1.3.1 - 18 August 2009
This app will provide hours of enjoyment to coworkers, family, and especially children.

Favorite app ever! - ★★★★★
by maddiemad - Version 1.3.1 - 18 August 2009
My whole family loves this app! Thanks for the great fun. Great price also.

Love this app. - ★★★★★
by jeremyp444 - Version 1.3.1 - 17 August 2009
I love this app. Too funny.

Love it!!!! - ★★★★★
by Innocent sins - Version 1.3.1 - 16 August 2009
This is a must-have app! It is so addicting! My faves are the two dogs!! :)

Must have app - ★★★★★
by i like cheez1985 - Version 1.3.1 - 16 August 2009
I played this app for like about a min. And I couldn't stop Best app ever So funny Must have Get it, get it!!!

ya ya - ★★★★★
by yeoh7777 - Version 1.3.1 - 16 August 2009
best app ever

My friends would not stop laughing - ★★★
by lifanus - Version 1.3.1 - 13 August 2009
Yep that's the effect smacktalk creats on people of all ages. However, if used at the wrong situation, it would actually create negative effects...

Good for the kiddies - ★★★
by Greingo - Version 1.3.1 - 08 August 2009
My kid niece and nephew love it. Very funny for social gatherings! But it dies down quick, more animals possibly?

All time funniest - ★★★★★
by MO4FOB - Version 1.3.1 - 06 August 2009
Anyone, and I mean anyone, will get a laugh out of this. Best money I ever spent! Thank you devs! This made my day!

Love it! - ★★★★★
by sexseme - Version 1.3.1 - 05 August 2009
This app is a must. Me & my boyfriend laughed so hard we cried. Worth every penny!!!!! Make it so we can the recordings pleaseeeeee.

Awesome:) - ★★★★★
by omg7-2 - Version 1.3.1 - 03 August 2009
This a pp is awesome dont listen to the other negative comments

Fantastic. - ★★★★★
by Gilbert6719 - Version 1.3.1 - 03 August 2009
It's just amazing how somthing so simple could turn into somthing so spectacular. This is so entertaining, FOR ALL AGES!! I'm 16 years old and I absoultly love it. So worth a dollor. Thankyou.

Love it! - ★★★★★
by Mamahast - Version 1.3.1 - 03 August 2009
My daughter and I laugh til we cry!

 - ★★★★★
by ItsMeRoni - Version 1.3.1 - 01 August 2009
。this is a great app. I had my neice entertained for hours

Great!! - ★★★★★
by N8 Webb - Version 1.3.1 - 31 July 2009
Ive never seen my 3 year old laugh so hard than she did when i showed her this :)

Lol - ★★★★★
by Sticker girl - Version 1.3.1 - 30 July 2009
Tooootally funny! I have the 3gs and it works great!

Great - ★★★★★
by Sarinajessica - Version 1.3.1 - 27 July 2009
Works as promised. Freaked my dog out!! Lol. Lots of laughs.

So entertaining, it never gets old; well worth its price. - ★★★★★
by Metro21 - Version 1.3.1 - 26 July 2009
The best thing about this application is that there is literally no limit to its entertainment. Nuff said! :p

Fun! - ★★★★★
by Ah! HhahahhahahhahHHhaahahaha - Version 1.3.1 - 26 July 2009
It's awesome. And funny when you talk in accents. I guess you should only get if you have a SENSE OF HUMOR

Funny app! - ★★★★★
by bjalive65 - Version 1.3.1 - 25 July 2009
My daughter and I have never laughed soooooo hard. Good job on app!

If you have kids.... - ★★★★★
by Woundedbadgers - Version 1.3.1 - 24 July 2009
This has got to be one of the funny's aps out there. I have never seen an app that made me laugh so much. Give it to a seven year old and watch the games begin. Better yet, get to iphones together and prepare to be entertained.

A simple Idea executed very well. - ★★★★★
by Gilzen - Version 1.3.1 - 23 July 2009
Fun even for adults.

This app is soooo cute and funny! I have a bad cough and it even did my coughing! So I laughed and coughed and laughed some more. Then it caught my husband's voice next to me. We just started rolling out the laughs. It would be great to be able to e-mail what we created. And ringtones.

My sides hurt.

Keeps my grandkids entertained and laughing more than any other app! The interaction is great! Super app.... Buy it ... you won't be disappointed.

I love this app, it is one of the best!!! My 3 yr old nephew can be calmed down very easily when I bring out my iphone with this app going!!! It is very much worth the money!!!!!

For the people who have this 1 star. You have to use your imagination & change your voice a little. Don't keep saying the same thing over & over. This app is hilarious.

I dowmloaded this late on night and I tried it out and had to turn it off. I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to wake the whoe house. Good Buy!

I got this when it was just the hampster, the addition of the others makes it 100% worth it. For anyone who gives this 1 star, what did you really think you were buying?? Cute, fun, entertaining. Kids can't get enough.

I meant to give this app 5 stars. My mistake. This is definitely a great and fun app.

Me and my friends are getting such a kick out of this silly app. It is really well-designed and adorable. My only suggestion is ADD BUNNIES!!!!!

It gives you hours of Laughs!!  You will not regret buyng it!!

Kids love this it is really cute

Great app. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

This app is sooooo cool & funny. trust me it'll make anybody laugh!! such a basic concept, but well worth every cent, especially after the addional animals update. Great app, Perfect score from me. FUNNY AND CUTE AS HELL!

My 3 year old laughed so hard he started to cry. This will be a top 10 app for sure!!!

You cannot show this to someone without having them burst into laughter. Worth every penny!

Totally pointless but awesome and worth the $. I still like the guinea pig the best.

Wow. Originally I downloaded this for my 5 year old but so far my mom and I are the only ones that use it. I love it!!!! Thanks for such a fun app!

I just discovered this app and it has to be one of THE best!!  I LOVE IT!!  It should be given the best app award of 2009 NOW!

This app is so worth the money. I've been having so much fun with it. The guinea pig is the cutest!

Absolutely endless fun. Occupies kids for an hour at a time. Well worth cost.

This one brings a smile to everybody's face. It's just too adorable, lol! Loving the new animals :-)

Reviews from the UK iTunes App Store:
The funniest thing I've seen in a long time,great with kids and adults.

Just downloaded just had my family crying with laughter must have app

Fantastically funny app. My son spends ages messing about on this and the laughter is infectious!

Was just trying it out for the first time. It made me giggle and then giggle more when it giggled back. I love this app. Compleatly pointless and yet briliant. Get it!

Guaranteed to get a laugh, this is simple stupid fun: highly recommended!

This has got to be the funniest app I have downloaded so far, just buy it you won't stop laughing.

You will be crying

Great fun to be had by all. Really simple but entertaining. Good work.

Laughed my head off well worth a go all the family laughed for hours at this cool app.

It is trully adictive and you have to dosify yourself! The hamster is the best by far because is the best animated one. Humongous, endless fun!

This is hilarious - you can't keep yourself from chuckling when the jittery hamster repeats what you say in its funny helium voice, and from laughing out loud when it then echos you laughing. As other reviewers have said - simple things, simple minds, but this really does amuse all adults and will keep kids entertained for ages. One of my most-used apps.

Hilarious, funny, addictive... This is the best app around. I challenge you not to laugh at these funny critters as they back chat you! Even Victor Meldrew would smile at this one. Bring on the promised updates... Please!

Great upgrade.   Pls more,  if you haven't got this yet buy it.    To the makers can you do gold fish on your next upgrade

Brilliant everyone loves it so funny send more updates!!!!!LOL

Awsome! A gd laugh get more animals on here!

this is sooo fun and funny makes me laff every time and wiv the new animals it's even betta x wot wud be gud is if ya cud make ur own pet sum how ?? I dunno get it it's soooo worth it x

Brilliant, I have not laughed so much in ages and the hamster laughs too. great in an office full of serious people, will lighten up anyones day. Thank you Marcus.

Omg who ever rated this bad needs to get a scense of humour, funniest app ever! No faults atall! 5/5 nice job

This app sounds like a gimick, but its not. So so much fun. Love it that much i launch the app before i go sleep to say goodnight to the animals :)

Every single person who has seen this has loved it. Worth every penny.

Reviews from the Canadian iTunes App Store:
Awesome app non stop laughter for me and my son!

Brings tears of laughter the first time you try it.  Now with the update even better!!  When you laugh... Then the animal laughs and it just snowballs from there... HILARIOUS!  If you want a fun app that will brighten your day with laughter I highly suggest you download this NOW!!!

Get this app, totally worth it.... You'll make everyone laugh (:

Vraiment drôle, mes enfants adorent.

Great cute app kids will love this.

I've never bothered to write a review before, but for this, I just had to. This app is hilarious... and the more you laugh, the funnier it gets! For $2, you can't really go wrong!

Do it!

Love this app, makes my girlfriend crazy, keeps the kids laughing and mix in a little hijinks around the dinner table and you've got a family night to remember! I wonder of the potential with the ability to choose other animals such as a cow, dog, cat, duck, etc.? The possibilities are endless, keep up the good work!

Hahaha!!! This app almost got me fired during my meeting must get app!

You can't help but laugh!  LOVE the new dog... Looks like my own dog!  Great... now he really does talk back to me!

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