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How does SmackTalk! work?
SmackTalk! works by using the built-in microphone to listen for a noise that rises above the background noise, like the sound of your voice.  It is checking for the sound of your voice 70-80 times per second!  When it hears that a loud noise is going on it starts recording.  When it hears that you have stopped talking it stops recording and starts playing back the recording, only squeakier!  Of course, if you are in a really loud place SmackTalk! immediately starts recording, and then immediately starts playback.

I have an iPod Touch.  Why don't the characters respond to me?
The iPod Touch requires an external microphone.  Make sure you have your microphone plugged in.

I'm in a loud environment and SmackTalk! doesn't seem to be responding to me.
SmackTalk! works best when your voice is the loudest sound in the room.  But hey--we don't always get the luxury of a quiet room!  That's why we've provided the "Record Now" button that  let's you force SmackTalk! to record.  See the Instructions page for a video that shows how to use it.
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