Marcus Satellite TrashTalker! iPhone/iPad App by Marcus Satellite

This is a 3:30 video showing you how easy it is to place an animation rig on your photos.

Once you've placed the rig you can animate your characters to the sound of your voice!

TrashTalker! features a simple and powerful animation rig that lets you define the animated parts of your character.

1) Red dots to outline the head
2) Green dots to outline the bottom lip and chin.  This creates a mouth that moves up and down.
3) A Magenta (pink) line separate the head from the body.  Usually this is the line between the jaw and neck.  Note that the Green and Magenta lines overlap on the chin.
4) Blue lines outline the body.

This is a conceptual illustration of the animation rig:

TrashTalker! Animation Rig Concept

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