Marcus Satellite TrashTalker! iPhone/iPad App by Marcus Satellite
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I see some negative reviews that mention crashing.  What's up with that?
A: First, I want to thank the users who emailed support with the information I needed to solve the problem.  I'm aware of two situations where the app crashes when you try to import a photo:

1) 3GS users running iOS4.0.x: I have submitted 1.0.1 with a fix.  It is in review.
2) All other users: Reboot your device and try importing again.  This will free up enough memory on your device to import photos without crashing.

Q: On which devices does TrashTalker! run?
A: TrashTalker is a universal binary that supports the following devices:

Device Type Talk-back Characters Video Enabled
2nd Gen
iPod Touch*
3rd Gen
iPod Touch*
YES YES if on iOS4.0 and greater
3GS YES YES if on iOS4.0 and greater
*iPod Touches require an external microphone!

Q: Are you making an Android version?
A: Not at this time.

Q: Where can I find Help for the iPad Version?
A: iPad Help

Q: Where can I find Help for the iPhone Version?
A: iPhone Help

Q: I installed the TrashTalker! app, now where can I get more characters?
A: Character Library

Q: I'm creating a character.  I select a photo from my library but nothing happens.
A: Reboot your phone.  Hold the upper right button down until you see "slide to power off".  Slide.  Then press the upper right button again until you see the Apple Logo.

Q: I press "New", selected a photo, but how do get it to work?
A: A default rig has been placed on your photo, and is probably not lined up with the head, body, and mouth of your photo.  See the Animation Rig Tutorial Video.

Q: I have an iPod Touch.  I'm talking to the characters but nothing is happening.
A: Unlike the iPad and iPhone, iPod Touches do not have a built-in microphone.  You need to plug in an external microphone!

Q: I plugged in an external microphone, but now the audio is coming through the earbuds.  How can I force the audio to come out of the speakers?
A: Go to Settings->TrashTalker!  Toggle the "External Speakers" to "ON".  Now the audio will come out of the external speakers, even if you have an external microphone plugged in.

Q: I rendered a movie on my iPad and uploaded it to Facebook.  Some of my friends with iPhones can't view the movie in the Facebook app.  What are my options?
A: The iPad and iPhone4 can encode movies at 960x640.  Movies rendered as 960x640 cannot be viewed on some devices, such as the 2G, 3G, 3GS, iPod Touch 2nd and 3rd generation.  If you want to share your movies with friends that have less powerful devices, render a smaller movie.

Q: The custom fonts in TrashTalker! are beautiful.  Where did you get them?
A: Nate Piekos at

Q: I shared a video by email with my friends, but it plays back all choppy.  What's up with that?
A: TrashTalker! encodes videos at a very high quality, not for streaming over the internet.  If you want to stream your videos you have several options:
1) Upload the video to YouTube
2) Upload the video to Facebook
3) Save the video to your desktop computer and re-encode the video for streaming.

Q: I have a bunch of great characters, dialog, and video.  How do I backup all this data?
A: Sync your device to your desktop often.

Q: When will the links to videos and characters expire?
A: I am going to try to keep the data as long as possible, but it is expensive for me.  My goal is that the links last for a week minimum, but I may have to change that goal if the costs of the storage become too high.

Q: I'm getting an error when I try to share my character by email...what's up with that?
A: Characters are typically between 1Mb and 3Mb.  Check your internet connection.  For best results use WiFi.  3G is okay.  Edge is very slow.  Try again when you have a better connection.

Q: I'm getting an error when I try to share my videos by email.  What up?
A: Videos can be HUGE, especially HD videos.  Any kind of network or server hiccup will give you an error.  You definitely want to export large videos using a WiFi connection.  You can see the size of the video in the Video Library Table View, and the Video Browse screen.  If you get an error, try again later when you are sure you have a good connection.

Q: I set the volume of my phone to full blast, and I see my characters animating, but I can't hear anything.
A: From my testing I've noticed that each app seems to get it's own volume setting.  You might have your device's volume full-blast, and have TrashTalker!'s volume set too low.  Raise the volume while the app is running.

Q: Why doesn't TrashTalker! take advantage of multi-tasking on iOS4 ?
A: Techy answer: TrashTalker! uses GL at all times and app may not make GL calls while suspended, so I have opted out of multi-tasking.  Even if GL were not an issue, encoding video takes more power and memory than a background process should.

Q: I'm trying to create a new character using a photo from my Media Library, but the app crashes.  What can I do?
A: Reduce the dimensions of your image to 1024 on the largest side.  You will still be getting the highest quality possible.  I note that the iPad can have very high resolution images in the photo library.

Q: I want to share my characters by posting them to a website so my friends can import them into the app.  What do I do?
A: TrashTalker! characters are XML files.  TrashTalker! uses a "custom URL scheme" to import these files.  Export your character, download the XML file, rename it if you wish, download the thumbnail if you wish, upload the files to your servers, post an html page with the links to the XML file like this: "trashtalker:<full URL to XML here>"

Q: Hey Marcus: I have a great character that I think you should post on your Character Library website.  Wanna see it?
A: Feel free to CC me when you export your characters.  If I like them and think they are appropriate for my users I will request you fill out a model release form.  If I don't respond please understand how busy I am.

Q: I have a 2G phone, and the built-in microphone sounds distorted.  What can I do?
A: The 2G mic has a sample rate of 8kHz, which is pretty low.  However, you can plug in an external mic and get the same 44.1kHz sample rate that the other devices have.

Q: I need more help.
A: Email me at  Please include your device type, and iOS version when you contact me, and as many details about your problem as possible.

The App That Started It All:

SmackTalk! iPhone/iPad App

SmackTalk! is the original talk-back munked-voice app.  Released in February of 2009, it spawned a slew of imitators.

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